Text Automation Strategy for Business Success


The primary advantage of text automation lies in its ability to handle large volumes of text quickly and accurately, thus freeing up valuable time for human workers to focus on more complex and creative tasks. For instance, in the realm of content creation, text automation tools can generate draft articles, social media posts, and marketing materials, allowing writers and marketers to refine and enhance rather than start from scratch. Similarly, in customer service, automated chatbots and virtual assistants can handle routine inquiries and support tasks, providing instant responses and improving overall customer experience.

Moreover, text automation plays a crucial role in data analysis. Businesses can use automated tools to sift through vast amounts of unstructured data, extracting insights and trends that inform strategic decisions. This capability is particularly valuable in fields such as market research, healthcare, and finance, where timely and accurate data interpretation is essential.


Text Automation Strategy is a popular service with businesses that want to get more done with less work involved.

Automated messages are pre-designed messages set to send to customers at a specific date and time of your choice. People prefer SMS communication and businesses should oblige to the customer’s wants. Automation also eases the amount of work placed on your employees.

Sign Up For a Text Automation Strategy Service

Don’t be confused by the vast number of automated texting service companies out there. Textedly is your experienced, dedicated company offering years of experience and customized services specific to your needs. We make it easy to sign-up for text messaging service regardless of your business needs or budget.

Upload Your Contacts

Upload your contacts. All contacts that have said ‘yes’ to receiving messages from you can be uploaded in a matter of minutes. It is a fairly simple process as well. Simply browse for your contact file and upload or drag it to the page. If you need help, read our short tutorial first.

Create Segmented Groups
Each customer who’s opted-in to receive SMS messages from you has done so with different interests and goals in mind. Create segmented lists for your contacts to ensure you’re reaching people based on criteria that are important to them, such as signup source, demographics, gender, age, and more.

Set Up Keywords
Determine keywords to use in your SMS messaging. A keyword campaign allows you to set a specific keyword that customers/consumers text to a shortcode. This keyword allows them to opt-in to receive text messages or enjoy the offer listed in your message.
Rules regulate how you can introduce SMS programs. Textedly makes it easy to keep up with the regulations and ensure that you follow them correctly. We also help select the best keywords to use for your messaging campaigns.

Encourage New Users to Subscribe
Encourage new users to subscribe to receive SMS messages from your company by offering them a deal or freebie. A special offer always entices customers to check out your business. Choose an offer that customers cannot refuse – the money spent is worth the amazing gain that it creates. Make sign-up easy and simple. Consider using QR codes as a part of your campaign to encourage new subscribers. Add a form to your website and to social media pages that offer customers the chance to opt-in to receive your messages.

Compose Text Templates
Textedly provides customers an easy-to-use text template tool that allows you to quickly compose a text message to send to selected recipients or groups of recipients from your contacts list. We offer industry-specific templates or you can design your own from scratch. Adding personalization elements is important regardless of the template you choose. Personal elements such as the recipient’s name grab their attention quicker than generalized messages. Textedly makes customizing SMS messages simple, no matter how many names fill your contact list.

Schedule and Send
Once you’ve composed your text message template, you can easily schedule the message to be sent in the future or send it immediately. You can create recurring messages and reminder campaigns as well. Each tool is powerful and helps boost business and retain the names currently on your list of contacts.


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